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Here we examine answers to some of these questions:

  • How have your vehicles been performing compared with a year or 2 ago?
  • How far does a gallon of gas or diesel go vs. how far can you really make it go....with a tiny bit of help?
  • What is the secret to getting more Energy from diesel fuel made from vegetable oil (used or pressed), or used crank case motor oil?
  • Can Diesel Fuel Home Brewers make their diesel fuel perform as good as, or even superior to, pump fuel? (YES!)
  • What is the best way to keep fuel from freezing in Winter without investing a lot of time/money?

How to:

  • Store home brewed diesel fuel indefinitely?
  • Compensate for the loss of lubricity caused by elimination of Sulfur from Diesel Fuel - Vitally important-Right?
  • Ensure an instant-start-up (from cold) down to minus-45⁰ F
  • Save money not having to buy fuel-line heaters or other costly equipment.

To You: Operators and Owners of gasoline and diesel-powered internal combustion, land-based engines:

We will direct your attention to ways that improve fuel efficiencies. Do you know which of your favourite products on the shelf of your Corner Gas don't really address issues your engines are facing? Time to stop wasting your Cash? Time for a second opinion?

It matters not whether we deal with cars, trucks, boats, motorbikes, tractors, combines, lawnmowers, whipper-snippers, oil furnaces etc...

Pump fuels are being altered daily with the view of reducing reliance on petroleum.

What A Great goal! .......BUT....maybe you’ve noticed a few new performance side-effects that adversely impact your fuel / repair budgets?

Enjoy exploring this Site – It is growing so excuse our dust.

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We try to help keep you aware of positive options that save you money, and from the grief of unscheduled trip interruptions.

Achieve reliable fuel performance for your vehicle or your Fleet.

The times they are changin' it's best to arm yourself with the facts that will help move your Enterprise forward.

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