Assures You of
100% Perfect Home-Brewed Bio-Diesel Fuel
365 Days-A-Year

» Perfect Flash-Point for Auto-Ignition

» Ideal Fuel Viscosity in Winter (Minus-40°F / °C) and in Summer 

» Allows Your B-100* to be a Perfect Fuel 12-Months-A-Year

» Eliminates Cloudpoint & subsequent Fuel Deterioration

» Visible Reduction in Tailpipe Emissions

» Provides Standard Auto-Ignition

» Perfect Fuel-to-Air Spray Patterns for Both Mechanical & Electronic Fuel Injection Systems

» Additive will not communicate with Cleaners & Detergents in Engine Oil

» Will Yield Engine Operating Temperature but reduced exhaust manifold temperatures

» 17% Additional Lubricity

» Moisture-Binding Evaporators

» Contains:  Anti-Bacteria, Anti-Fungal, Anti-Oxidants, Anti-Gels

» EPA-Registered, ISO Certified Fuel Ingredients

*Important: Your Base oil must meet ASTM 6751D Standard from WVO, SVO or RO.

Do not mix with oil that is firm at room temp. e.g.: lard

Here's what you can expect when you use “MAXIMUM COMPRESSION”

“Every Liter or Quart of diesel fuel that our Customers produce will be the best home-brewed B-100 fuel that's available if they use good base ingredients and follow-through cleanly on their manufacturing procedures”.   John Shane – President of Shellbourne Fuels International.



Our Packaging, Bottles, Lids, Labels are 100% Recyclable. The Final Ingredient is the “MAXIMUM COMPRESSION” TM Additive which will provide the winning recipe.

Dosage:  1 bottle (1L/32-oz) treats 1 Pail (20 L / 5 Imperial or 6 U.S. Gallons)


This Shellbourne Fuels’ B-100 Additive provides 12-months-a year fuel savings.

Absolutely Free:   Every Buyer will receive a Calibrated Metric & Imperial Reusable bottle plus a re-sealable child-proof Lid to accurately control the pour ratios of their winning formulas.                        


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