Shellbourne Fuels' Diesel Fuel Enhancers


Shellbourne Fuels Diesel Fuel Enhancers will ensure:

  • Ease of start-up
  • Low wear (improving lubricity)
  • Sufficient power (maximizing an engine's torque)
  • Low temperature operability
  • Reduced engine noise
  • Long filter life (stability)
  • Better fuel economy (6-8% improvement)
  • Cut emissions 60-75%

Shellbourne's position on diesel viscosity and lubricity:

Reductions in diesel viscosity and lubricity, can reduce the film thickness to a point where metal to metal contact occurs.

Particles are trapped between surfaces, surfaces dent and cracks occur. The cracks spread even without more particulare damage, spalls occur as surface material breaks away.

Low sulphur levels in today's bio-fuels often result in lighter and thinner diesel fuels.

Material worn from the spray holes cannot be replaced.

Improved lubricity cannot restore worn spray holes to their original state.

Improved lubricity can, however, reduce the rate of deterioration of injector spray holes and new injectors will stay new much longer, if fed with higher lubricity and cleaner diesel.

Shellbourne Diesel Enhancer will always improve a diesel fuels' viscosity and lubricity.

Poor atomization, squirting and dribbling, cause premature failures. These problems are associated with liner glazing and excessive carbon build-up around the rings. Fuels now need to receive treatment.

The addition of Shellbourne Fuels' Diesel Fuel Enhancer at time of fill-up eliminates these issues. With regular usage, these will never be an issue.


Diesel engines will operate on a great variety of fuels, but some fuels, compared to others, as a result of enhancers will give:

  • better performance,
  • higher efficiency,
  • improved reliability or lower maintenance costs.

Fuels and enhancers, must be selected based on overall operating costs, not just price, for example.

Operators and Senior Management must select fuels and specific enhancers in order to optimize performance and control and reduce emissions.

We heartily recommend Enhancers manufactured by Shellbourne Fuels.

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