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To Introduce you to 'all about Shellbourne Fuels', we ask:

How frustrated are You...........with the gradual lackluster performance of your gas or diesel-powered vehicle(s)?

Did you know...a vehicle's performance decline may be partially due to Government-mandated initiatives toward so-called 'green' or E5, E10, E15 fuels?

Diesel-powered vehicles 'suffer' from the:

  • Elimination of sulphur content from fuels,
  • Addition of vegetable oils, grease from burger-places, chalet chicken, etc... , &/or bio-mass (animal renderings).

What great ways to cut reliance on Fossil Oil for Fuel!


For example:

  • Have you noticed less power from your vehicle(s) vs. a year or 2 ago? It's not entirely because the vehicle is a little older.

Do you find more smoke pouring from the tail pipes?  Is attention from MOT or a negative image of you/your Company not avoidable?

(It's your name on the truck: people, mainly your customers, will associate the memory of belching smoke with that name - pretty much as a rusted delivery van sends out a negative Corporate image.)

Does your territory include areas that become extremely cold in Winter?

  • What is your 'instant start-up' experience in the coldest weather....possibly as low as minus 40ºF/ºC with existing fuels?

Do you reflect on the cost/minute losses should your vehicle(s) experience unscheduled stops?

  • Apart from late delivery to your valued Clients (with possible crippling penalties under 'Just-In-Time' (JIT) contracts), lost wages and other driver costs, emergency towing, emergency repairs by some unknown & untried mechanic in some far-flung hinter-area, and what about possible Fines that can be imposed when your truck breaks-down in an active drive-lane at a Border checkpoint and rush hour traffic becomes snarled for miles?

Do you run Refrigerated units (REEFERS)?

  • It's a challenge to keep the fuel line open. Heaters are costly.

How about D.E.F. solutions? They freeze at a higher temperature than diesel fuel.

  • A special anti-freeze has been formulated especially for these REEFERS.

Bottom line:

Are you challenged by the mandated 'stuff' being added to pump-fuels?

The Solution: Shellbourne Fuels manufactures very inexpensive remedies!

Are you aware of the curious communications-disconnect that can bring 'extreme' financial hardship to your Company.....

and easy steps you can take to plug the gap that can preserve your cash and keep your business rolling?

A Hearty Welcome to You!


Find it right here!

Products that will give you amazing results you can expect.

Not the 'stuff' available at every truck stop, automotive parts those ones that fail to perform which you may have purchased previously!

(Side-note: some of those products may perform under certain conditions...but what is the likelihood of encountering those 'perfect conditions'?)

These pages will be of specific interest to Owner/Operators of a:

  • Fleet of buses, cars, trucks;
  • Railroad;
  • Lake Boats to Ocean-going vessels;
  • Greenhouse(s);
  • Oil Furnace - industrial or private residence;
  • Race Cars.............

In short: Shellbourne Fuels' products will impact positively on all internal combustion engines fueled by gasoline or diesel regardless of application.

a bit about Shellbourne Fuels' Products

Unique Blending: Shellbourne Fuels as the manufacturer, has the ability and expertise to tailor fuels to achieve desired results - for You.

Applications range from racing to heavy-duty, off-road applications, to heavy machine haulers that would welcome a 6-8% improvement in diesel fuel efficiency.

Several of Shellbourne's Auto Racing Clients continue to experience 'winning results' at Watkins Glen, Mosport , Ohio, Florida, Utah, and Canadian venues.

The 'one-size fits all' philosophy of common pump fuels does not always allow finely-tuned engines to maximize performance.

Nothing under-handed here. Shellbourne simply provides fuels that have the Energy required by improving combustion.

Package Sizes (Imperial Measure):

Shellbourne Fuels products come in all sizes of container: from 8 Oz / 250 mL bottles through to 45 Gallon / 205 Liter Drums/Barrels.

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Did you ever want a fuel that has the Energy of pump diesel?
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