Attributes that Define Shellbourne Fuels

The anti-bacteria, fungicide and anti-gel properties of Shellbourne Fuel's Fuel Enhancers:

  • Treat wall-mounted debris and dirt in reservoir tank;
  • Loosen & dissolve any debris in a fuel transfer pump & associated lines;
  • Evaporate & bind to any water or condensation build-up in the fuel filter mechanisms;
  • Dislodge & dissolve under fuel pressure any particulates, sediment, Silica & heavy fuel buildup particles.

Immediateness of Solubility

There is no change in Specific Gravity, hence Shellbourne Fuel's Enhancers immediately go into solution without communicating with Lubricating Oil.

This occurs through the use of Methyl Hydrate in Diesel Fuel applications and Isopropyl Alcohol for Gasoline applications.

In short, what does all this mean?

Shellbourne Fuel's Product is:

  • a Non-alcohol based surfactant;
  • Mixed with different carriers so as not to interrupt fuel quality, but to enhance fuel temporarily to bring vehicle back 'on-stream' normally within 15 minutes.

How does that work?

The Shellbourne Fuels' Fuel Enhancers contain 4 Catalysts.

What occurs is they expand 30 Times their original volume and find their way right through to the reservoir tank.

Nothing is left untreated.