Biodiesel Antidotes to Common Disadvantages

Imagine This: No More Winter Fuel Freezing.....

a quick story:

August 27, 2011

A small group gathered around a table at the Shellbourne Fuels' Facility.

Before us stood 2 sets of identically filled jars. Their temperature was Minus 30⁰F /-34⁰C as they had just been removed from the freezer.

The contents of the jars were as follows: (Incidentally, at room temperature, all were liquid.)

Here's the list:

  • Jar # 1: 'Direct from the Pump' #1 Diesel Fuel;
  • Jar # 2: 'Off the shelf' 100% Soy Bean Oil (Crisco, to be exact, with most of the acetic acid removed);
  • Jar # 3: Waste Vegetable Oil from the nearby fast food restaurant;
  • Jar # 4: The dirtiest, grungiest, most-used oil concoction (aka ugliest) one could find in any repair garage

Would you be guessing that they

  • might be solid blocks - at Minus 30⁰F /-34⁰C - fresh out of the freezer ?
  • were probably lacking proper viscosity (forgetting about quality as a fuel, for just a minute) to travel through your engine's fuel system?
  • might be clogging-up fuel lines,injectors and already damaging the fuel pump if they were in your fuel tank?

You of course know, if you are among the chosen frozen in Winter, that diesel fuel reaches cloud-point at ~minus 20⁰F.

Interestingly, diesel fuel home-brewers shy away from using their 'cheap fuel' in Winter unless extreme measures are taken (aka extra work or spending money).

The remedies some employ to use home-brewed diesel fuel in Winter include thinning it 50% with #1 Diesel Fuel and /or tucking the vehicle in at night in a heated facility.....or at least providing the engine with heat (some of the methods used are quite dangerous and not recommended).

We were introduced to Tom R Judd of Colorado Biodiesel who provides an interesting and very comprehensive overview entitled "Biodiesel Cold Weather Strategies". You can see it here - it is very informative: Click Here

Returning to our demonstration, the first set of jars demonstrated exactly cold weather challenges as Tom Judd describes. A solid mass. Something that should never be allowed to happen in any fuel delivery system.

Looking at the second set of jars, the contents of each are all liquid at Minus 30⁰F /-34⁰C as they would be at Minus 30⁰F/C.

How can this be possible?

The reason was the introduction of a fuel enhancer at a ratio of 1 Liter to 20 Liters of diesel fuel. (32 oz:5 gallons). It's called "MAXIMUM COMPRESSION"™ and is manufactured by Shellbourne Fuels.

The Economical Solution the allows Year-Around Use of Home-Brewed Diesel !

  • Now you have a very economical solution to assuring year-round diesel operation without headaches or additional investments such as:
  • Keeping a check on temperature;
  • Purchasing costly additional equipment (heaters);
  • Tucking your engine in overnight with a 100W lightbulb (soon to be banned, incidentally) and a blanket over the hood;
  • Purchasing 'stuff' off the shelf at the gas station that you know won't solve all the issues;
  • Calling for emergency road service to be towed to a heated garage.....What cost is that to you + the down-time? Shellbourne Fuels "MAXIMUM COMPRESSION"™ is made specifically for use with Bio-Diesel....IE: diesel fuel made by Home Brewers from virgin stock through to used oils. What do we do if we run Diesel Fuel Only?

  • Clean fuel systems for efficient delivery of fuel to combustion chamber
  • 15-25% lower temperature at the tail pipe (proving that increased combustion is taking place
  • perfect operation to -45⁰F Get more information Click here for Diesel
  • Imagine - now you can run your home-brewed ASTM-Standard diesel year around.

    Look at yourout-of-pocket cost savings:

    • stop buying pump diesel;
    • quit investing in extra equipment: fuel line heaters, heated garages;
    • buying other products off the shelf that make you 'feel like' you are solving all the issues, but are you really?
    • calling for towing assistance;
    • paying fines for blocking drive lanes etc.....

    What about the aggravation you'll no longer need to face:

    • Checking the thermometer every time you plan to drive or park your vehicle;
    • Unscheduled 'Downtime' worries;
    • Avoiding trips due to possible temperature challenges....etc....

    For more information on "MAXIMUM COMPRESSION"™ Click Here

    What do we do if we run Diesel Fuel Only? We have identical challenges in Winter as your test revealed:

    Good Question! Shellbourne Fuels manufactures liquid fuel enhancers made especially for diesel-powered and also gasoline-powered engines. Look forward to:

    • Clean fuel delivery systems, year-around, with no need to buy any other products;
    • 15-25% lower temperature at the tail pipe (proving that increased combustion is taking place)
    • perfect operation to -45⁰F /C.
    • 6-8 % increase in fuel efficiency and more....

    Click here for Shellbourne Fuels Diesel Enhancer Info