Cheap Diesel Fuel
for Off-Road Applications

Diesel fuel purchased from traditional retailers is the costliest fuel available. This is a fact we all are painfully aware of and is submitted only as a statement of fact.

What is important to underline, here, is that there are alternatives to pump diesel fuel that have suddenly become available to a greater population.

Companies and individuals have been experimenting with bio-fuels as an option. Imagine collecting waste vegetable oils from restaurants and converting this free waste product into fuel. No longer will you have to rely solely on pump fuel.

There is a very progressive company in Southern Ontario which for the past number of years has been building machines that produce straight vegetable oil (SVO) as a by-product.

The oil yielded from their pressing operation can be converted to diesel fuel.

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Storing Diesel Fuel and Cold Weather used to be serious issues.
Not any more! Problems are Solved.

Do you remember when algaecide was required to clean out the fuel tank after the fuel had been sitting for a few days?

Did cold weather get you thinking about the tendency for diesel fuel to gel.

Well - No More! Problems solved!

You can use 100% WVO or SVO or RO year-around, even down to minus-45°C/°F

Shellbourne Fuels has launched an off-road version of its proprietary diesel fuel combustion catalyst with advantages designed strictly for the Agricultural marketplace.

Whether Soya, Flax or Canola is being used as a base fuel source, does not matter.

Now developed is a liquid enhancer and catalyst combination that allows homemade vegetable oils to function identically 12 months of the year down to a maximum ambient temperature of Minus-45°CF.

By treating filtered vegetable oils with a treat ratio of 20 liters of vegetable oil to 1 liter of our “MAXIMUM COMPRESSION"™ formula, the existing problems with filtered vegetable oil fuel stock are now eliminated.

Overall Benefits:

(1) 24% more fuel lubricity than standard pump grade #2 off-road diesel.

(2) Absolutely no need for diesel fuel conditioners.

(3) “MAXIMUM COMPRESSION" enhancer and combustion catalyst contains, anti bacteria-anti fungal-anti gel formats.

(4) Gain 3% more cetane than standard #2 diesel fuels.

(5) Maintain perfect flash and automatic ignition.

(6) Oil dilution is eliminated.

(7) Reduce stack debris by 60 to 75%.

(8) Maintain equal equipment reliability with fuel cost/liter or gallon that is 25% of the current trading value of pump fuels.


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