Directions on Use of Shellbourne Fuels Gasoline or Diesel Enhancers


Shellbourne Fuels manufactures 2 liquid fuel enhancers which must be used appropriately: Diesel Fuel Enhancer and a Gasoline Enhancer.

Typically a stew of fungi, bacteria, condensation, water are comfortably residing in your fuel tank. That's what clogs injectors, fuel delivery system etc... if left unchallenged. Perhaps the System is pretty clogged right now?

Don't reach for the wrench with a view of dumping the contents of the fuel tank. To deal with above contaminants, it is necessary to neutralise them and purge them totally from the system through combustion.

Additionally: There is a 'Preparation Package' that may be necessary to use where there are existing issues with minor fuel contamination, poor start-up, plugged injectors, black smoke and so on.

Only after this preparation should the Enhancer be used.

Every 10th-fill-up, it is recommended that Shellbourne's Fuel Line Cleaner (gasoline or diesel) be used.

Step 1:

Pour the required quantity of Shellbourne Gasoline or Diesel Fuel Prep into the fuel tank.

Step 2:

Fill the tank with petrol and drive until it requires refueling.

Step 3:

Pour in the required quantity of Shellbourne Gasoline or Diesel Fuel Cleaner as directed.

Step 4:

Fill Tank with petrol and drive until refueling is again required.

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