Ethanol in Fuel Causes Fuel System Damage

Reported in May 1st/2010 The Roanoke Times, Duncan Adams writes that mis-firing (ie: the unsolicited 'starting and stopping' of engines) could be caused by gasoline generally available where it contains 10% Ethanol.

Latter is a moisture-magnet which results in water entering into the engine's fuel delivery systems. (Sputter-Cough-Die)

This conclusion is shared by many small engine users, as well as the Outdoor Power Equipment Institute.

Damage to Fuel System

The location and conditions of where fuel is stored...for even a short period of time can and do affect its quality. The accumulation of moisture can cause fuel to separate. Water drops to the bottom of the holding tank, while the fuel floats on top. Gasoline will develop acidic qualities.

With moisture in their fuel tanks, Operators must prepare for higher operating costs due to:

  • more frequent servicing of the fuel system, replacing pump diaphragms etc...
  • Unscheduled vehicle breakdowns;
  • Non-planned commutes to their repair garage and so on.

Typical solutions include.....

  • Pour-in an 'off-the-shelf' fluid (anti-gel, anti-separator and the like)
  • Drain the fuel tanks and add 'fresh' gasoline

Note to Boaters: Ethanol has been known to breakdown fiberglass fuel tanks.

What properties in a fuel additive will help solve these issues without causing new problems to emerge?

Find an EPA-listed liquid fuel catalyst that effectively:

  • causes the moisture to be encompassed and used in the combustion process;
  • contains anti-fungal, anti-bacteria, and anti-gel agents.


  • Fuel is held together in solution and is prevented from separating;
  • Combustion is improved thus generating additional power to the vehicle;
  • emissions are cut by 60 - 75%

A word about EPA-registration:

  • Ensure the product you are buying is legitimately Listed:. Check it here.

To obtain an EPA registration, certain pre-determined environmental conditions must be met. This is why so many of the products available at retail, are not listed. Use these with extreme caution. They could be harmful to your wallet (where you pay for something not delivered to you) or to your engine.