Fuel Enhancer Differences

Shellbourne Fuels' position in the industry has put everyone else 'on the Alert'.

As a chemical manufacturer, Shellbourne Fuels has, over the past 4 decades:

  • designed and modified formulae that target improved fuel for efficiency, stability, engine capability;
  • avoided oil dilution;
  • maintained engine manufacturers' build and design standards;
  • met and refined the quality of their blended goods to medical grade purity.

Key Fuel Enhancer Differences

Shellbourne Fuels has stepped away from the old formulae that sold themselves based upon partially treating 100% carbon-based fuels. Instead it has intelligently tackled current-day bio-fuels with an array of working ingredients that enrich the viscosity and energy of diesel grade fuels to yield better burn motions and less wasted or lost compression.

These are the targets required to win over customers.....not smiles or shades of green.

The Not-So-Secret Fact of Life:
Time's Have Changed, ....and ....so has the Pump Fuel we buy.

Why are there fuel enhancer differences? Great question!

The new bio-fuel programs render ineffective those readily available '1-st Generation' additives that depend solely on cleaners, bleaches and polishers to work well - despite the fact that they have well-recognized brand names.

Have you actually tested whether the fuel additive(s) you've been using really do perform? At least one major automotive retailer has...and has come to an astonishing realization.

Are you being 'sold' on the idea that various individual products, each treating a single symptom of a poorly performing engine, are what you need?

Or are you being 'sold' additives that treat both gasoline and diesel engines? WATCH OUT! You could be in for a costly repair or worse in the not too distant future. Gasoline and diesel fuel are chemically different.

Of course, if you need only to treat a single symptom - eg: moisture - a single-purpose treatment may work for you.

What do 1st Generation Products require to perform with today's fuels?

Because the mix ingredients of pump fuel is constantly changing - both gasoline and diesel fuels - 1-st Generation additives require updating with a contributing assortment of solvents, carriers, lubricants and catalysts to better enhance their current directives.

No longer do these 1-st Generation products serve you, the end-user, if their key-benefit is a bleaching program identical to what existed for 60 years. It simply does not work any more. As fuel mixes change composition, so to must fuel enhancers.

Failing to stay in tune with changes, such products, at best , cause Buyers to waste their money and at worst, can be causing premature wear & tear to their engines.

For example:

Shellbourne Fuels' Scientific Team has worked with so many different ingredients to deal with diesel fuel contamination.

Not only do Shellbourne Fuels' products solve the standard growth and deterioration issues of all grades of diesel fuel, but they always enhance the fuels' character.

In many situations, Shellbourne provides the most refined oil-based fuels available to the market-place. Look no further than Shellbourne being the 2013 supplier of jet-car fuels for the drag race industry.

Thus, Shellbourne's fuel enhancers are different.....and they work......And they are:

  • E.P.A. Registered since 2007
  • WHMIS Certified since 2006
  • ISO 9001 / ISO 14001 Standards

They are unlike anything currently on the market. No other 'additives' need be purchased when you use Shellbourne Fuels' Enhancers.

Automotive / Industrial / Marine / Motorcycle / Alternative Fuels

Shellbourne Fuels manufactures:

  • Gasoline & Diesel Mileage Enhancers
  • Bio-Diesel Enhancers
  • 96 to 118 Racing Fuel
  • Minus-46° F/C D.E.F. Fluids
  • Ethanol (Blends) E-85, E-98
  • Pure Methanol & Methanol Blends
  • Semi-Synthetic Multi-Grade Oils
  • OFF-ROAD Fuel Applications

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Fleet owners and major automotive retailers seek us out.

Major Canadian Automotive Retailer: "We've been testing all the products currently on our shelves and they do not work. Shellbourne Fuels' products do....."

Large Bus Fleet Owner (school buses, touring and shuttle buses) echoes the same.

We also have independently tested results from Test Protocol of a large transportation company.....and more.

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