(Proprietary Fuel System Cleaner)

Countless automotive mechanics we introduced ourselves to spoke about loss in volumetric efficiency.

Others spoke to us about misfire codes, stumbling and suspicious fuel trim numbers.

The car owners continually referenced hard starts, poor fuel economy and always, loss of power.

Carbon Deposits on the Intake Valves

There are a number of reasons why there are deposits and why accumulations which are combustion by-products are sticking to intake valve necks.

This serious issue not only affects some direct-injection vehicles but, can and does also appear in port fuel injection engines.

Variable valve timing and turbocharged direct-injection engines and even cylinder deactivation models are candidates as well, when it comes to carbon accumulations.

A Positive and Preventative Approach

There are a number of chemical cleaners on the market that have been injected into intakes. Unfortunately most of their success has been very short-lived.

More invasive approaches on the other hand are expensive and requires long down times for drivers.

"High Dosage Control Additive
Detergent Dispersant"

Shellbourne Fuels has successfully created a fuel system cleaner that is added to a vehicle's fuel tank and:

  • Cleans the entire fuel feed components
  • Eliminates all accumulations caused by engine combustion.

Shellbourne Fuels' Cleaners are designed to match the combustion characteristics of either Regular or Premium fuels through the introduction of combustion catalysts.

Additionally the Cleaners attract dense oxygen and hydrogen to help prevent carbon build-up.

This Approach Provides Constant & Optimal Success

Cleaning while the vehicle experiences variable road conditions coupled with a variety of engine demands also helps.

This commercial cleaner communicates with engine oils to reduce engine oil condensation levels and subsequently positive crankcase ventilation systems while maintaining injector spray patterns as well as spark plug conductivity and spacing.


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