Home-Brewed Diesel Myths

In your travels, you have probably heard about the limitations of home-brewed diesel from waste or squeezed vegetable oil, especially in Winter. Not True Any Longer!

Myth: You can't use straight vegetable oil
all year around in the North.

(yes you can ... but not like you may be thinking)

The Facts are just the opposite.

In Winter up in the North country, it some Brewers go to extra expense and a wee bit of aggravation to keep their WVO/SVO diesel fuel from gelling. A few not-so-effective strategies include:

1)  Cut your home-brewed diesel 50-50 with #1 or #2 pump diesel.

There goes any notion of cheap fuel. All that happened is the cost per liter/gallon fuel was averaged down and you did extra work for free.

Is that really the best solution?   .......... No!

2)  Park the vehicle indoors when not in use.

  • Great if you have the space.....but what happens if you want to over-night on your trip(s).

3) Unheated barns can get very cold.  Are you the one that simply raises the hood, covers the engine with blankets and slips in a lit 100 Watt light bulb....every night. ...(Stop Doing That!!)

Put all the above behind you

Here's the Good News:

Vegetable Oils can be successfully used all year around!

Here is what we know IS possible:

 Vegetable oils can be modified easily/inexpensively to:

  • Match & exceed perfect flow rate of bio-diesel, off-road diesel or on-road diesel fuel.
  • Mimic the caloric values of diesel fuels for All applications.
  • Provide 24% more lubricity than a #1 pump diesel.

Key Ingredient Required:

Get and use "MAXIMUM COMPRESSION"TM a combustion catalyst made by Shellbourne Fuels.

Ask us how..............

you now can manufacture home-brewed diesel fuel at 35% of the price per liter / gallon of #2 diesel and use it all year around.

( We also offer fuel enhancers for diesel-powered trucks, trackers, generators, water pumps, cars etc.....

in addition to Combustion Catalysts for strictly VEGETABLE-BASED FUEL.)

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