This Formulation made from E.P.A. sanctioned ingredients will enable you to make aggressive Diesel Fuel at Home.

The expertise of Shellbourne Fuels, a 100% Canadian Company with +40-years of diesel fuel success, will work to cut your fuel costs.

Caution: Do NOT Use "MAXIMUM COMPRESSION"™  with any oils that are 'Firm' at room temperature. (eg: Oils made from lard.)

Performance Factors

Home-brewed biodiesel typically lacks the Energy of pump fuels. Do you ever notice this when you hit the accelerator hard, there's no quick 'moving off the Line' that you expected?

More than likely your raw fuel is blasted out the tailpipe along with a bunch of smoke.

How does "MAXIMUM COMPRESSION"™ correct this?

Very simply, it brings the Energy-level of your home-brewed diesel fuel to that of pump fuel or perhaps better by causing a more complete combustion in the combustion chamber.

The "MAXIMUM COMPRESSION"™ Factor is "Shellbourne Fuels Science"

Shellbourne Fuels has an in-depth understanding of:

  • the character of home-brewed diesel fuels vs the caloric value of purchased diesel fuel;
  • Mechanically, what diesel engines require from a fuel.

  • The Result: a Formulation called "MAXIMUM COMPRESSION"™.

  • In ONE bottle, the great properties inherent in properly formulated home-brewed diesel fuel are complemented.
  • It provides the home-brewer a 'finished' diesel fuel - as experienced with the best pump fuel.

  • Using "MAXIMUM COMPRESSION"™ is a wise business decision.

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    Quick Summary click here

    • What better way to get consistent Cetane level, 220, from batch-to-batch-to-batch?
    • Getting perfect combustion provides the 'get-up-and-go' you expect.
    • Perfect combustion means "NO SMOKE".
    • Do you like to move off-the-mark quickly or not so much?

    Speaking of moving quickly, and also to the expertise of manufacturer, Shellbourne Fuels manufactures Racing Fuels which have a wide following among Professional Drivers and Owners of luxury-class sports cars.

    How do you extend your Bio-diesel's shelf life 6-months?

    Look here:

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    Do you like to save time and to save money?

    "MAXIMUM COMPRESSION"™ enables you to do both.   

    Cold Weather Friendly

    "MAXIMUM COMPRESSION"™ is your answer to Winter as it:

    • Prevents gelling to minus-40° F/C
    • Allows year-around use of B-20 BioDiesel

    Say good-bye to:

    • the second fuel-tank with heater;
    • Fuel/Water separator filter;
    • Consulting/administering a BioDiesel Blend Thermometer before traveling;
    • Worrying about overnight parking alternatives (indoor? outdoor? heated/unheated garage?
    • Calls to 'Auto Rescue' to deal with a frozen fuel delivery system caused by unforeseen weather changes or blend miscalculation.

    Hot Weather Friendly

    As with all Shellbourne Fuels' products, "MAXIMUM COMPRESSION"™ contains:

    • Bacteria and fungal inhibitors to prevent growth thus eliminating plugged fuel delivery systems and extension of filter life;
    • Evaporator to keep the fuel system free of water, moisture & condensation. It does this at the molecular level where the hydrogen atom is bound and used in the combustion process. No hydrogen atoms, no water.


    BioDiesel, untreated, attracts moisture thus, if left standing for any length of time, 'stuff' starts to grow that will in time clog filters, cause abnormal and premature deterioration of the fuel delivery systems and injectors.

    You know the cost of replacing...or simply pulling an injector to clean it.

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