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This EPA-Registered Formulation will enable you to make aggressive Diesel Fuel at Home.

The expertise of Shellbourne Fuels, a 100% Canadian Company with +40-years of diesel fuel success, will work to cut your fuel costs.

Important: "MAXIMUM COMPRESSION"™ must NOT be used with any oils that are firm at room temperature. (eg: Oils made from lard.)

Performance Factors

Home-brewed biodiesel typically lacks the Energy of pumped fuels. Do you ever notice this when you hit the accelerator hard and there's no quick moving off the Line that you expected?

More than likely your raw fuel is blasted out the tailpipe along with a bunch of smoke.

How does "MAXIMUM COMPRESSION"™ correct this? Very simply, it brings the Energy-level of your home-brewed diesel fuel to that of pump fuel or perhaps better.

The "MAXIMUM COMPRESSION"™ Factor is Shellbourne Fuels

Shellbourne Fuels has an in-depth understanding of:

  • The character of Home-made Diesel Fuel vs the caloric value of pumped diesel;

  • Mechanically, what diesel engines require from a fuel.

    The Result: a Formulation called "MAXIMUM COMPRESSION"™.

    In ONE bottle, the great properties inherent in properly formulated home-brewed diesel fuel are complemented. It provides the home-brewer a 'finished' diesel fuel - as experienced with the best pump fuel.

    Using "MAXIMUM COMPRESSION"™ is a wise business decision.

    What better way to get consistent Cetane level, 220, from batch-to-batch-to-batch?

    Getting perfect combustion provides the 'get-up-and-go' you expect.

    Perfect combustion means "NO SMOKE".

    Do you like to move off-the-mark quickly or not so much?

    Speaking of moving quickly, and to the expertise of manufacturer Shellbourne Fuels', it manufactures Racing Fuels which have a wide following among Professional Drivers and Owners of luxury-class sports cars.

    Question: Is this Statement True or False?

    Biodiesel's Shelf-Life is less than 6-Months.
    - Therefore -
    It must be used-up quickly!

    FACT: ..... the Answer can be..."False"

    How You Can Store Biodiesel indefinitely!
    The 2-Step Process is as follows....

    Step # 1:

    Add Shellbourne Fuels' "MAXIMUM COMPRESSION"™, as per instructions on the label, to your "ASTM D6751 Standards qualified" B-100 BioDiesel.

    Step # 2:

    Carefully store your finished BioDiesel by ensuring containers are:

  • Full to prevent the fuel from having contact with air within it;

  • Tightly sealed;

  • Stored in a dark location;

  • Shielded from the floor by Wood boards or Styrofoam sheets to prevent temperature transference from the floor.

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    Why Use "MAXIMUM COMPRESSION"™? ....

    It Really Depends....if...

    Saving Time and Money is Important to You.

    If So, here's the exciting news for You.....

    Cold Weather Friendly


  • Prevents gelling to -45ºF.

  • Allows 12-month use of B-100 BioDiesel.


  • "Cutting" BioDiesel with PetroDiesel during Winter months.

  • Second fuel-tank, with heater.

  • Fuel/water separator filter.

  • Consulting/administering a BioDiesel Blend Thermometer before travelling.

  • Worrying about where vehicle can/should be parked overnight (indoors/outdoors, heated/unheated garage).

  • Calls to 'Auto Rescue' because of a frozen fuel tank/system due to unforeseen weather change or blend miscalculation;

  • Purchasing other equipment, lotions, potions etc....

    Now You Can Really Save Your Cash.

    Hot Weather Friendly

    "MAXIMUM COMPRESSION"™ contains:

  • Bacteria and fungal inhibitors to prevent growth in the air pocket within the fuel tank thus eliminating plugged filters.

  • Evaporator to keep fuel system free of water, moisture & condensation.

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    Moisture Elimination:

    Bio Diesel tends to attract moisture which can seriously hamper engine efficiency. Not with "MAXIMUM COMPRESSION"™.

    Diesel Fuel, if left standing for any length of time starts to grow 'stuff' that will in time clog filters, cause abnormal and premature wear-and-tear on fuel delivery systems and injectors.

    You know the cost of replacing or simply pulling an injector to clean it.

    Every bottle of "MAXIMUM COMBUSTION"™ contains anti-bacteria, anti-fungal, anti-gel components to assure you of a trouble-free experience.

    What is the Cost of "MAXIMUM COMPRESSION"™ ?

    How Much Do I Require?

    Selling Price is CDN$6.00 to treat 2.5 Imperial Gallons (or 3 US Gallons) for an 8 oz/250 mL bottle.

    A Pail = 5 Imperial Gallons/6 US Gallons: Requires 2 x 8 oz bottles to treat. (CDN$12.00)

    "MAXIMUM COMPRESSION"TM is sold by the Case at CDN$144.

    1 Case = 24 x 8 oz Bottles Treats 60 Imperial Gallons (72 US Gallons) of BioDiesel.

    $2.40 makes 1 Gallon (4.546 Liters) of 100% BioDiesel Fuel

    Remember the benefits to You:

  • More Power

  • Visible reduction in smoke

  • Perfect fuel-to-air-spray patterns

  • Reduced engine operating temperatures;

  • Flashpoint set at 220;

  • 8% increase in fuel efficiency daily;

  • 17% more lubricity;

  • No gelling when cold. Pre-heating not necessary.

    Here You Have
    the Ultimate 'Must Have' Product
    For the BioDiesel User.

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    One More Point to Mention:

    The Secret to Producing 100% the Best Diesel Fuel Available:

    You will require only 2 ingredients to achieve this:

  • Make certain that you start with good base ingredients.

  • Follow through cleanly on your manufacturing procedures to achieve Standards;

  • Get our Trade Secrets Recipe for 100% the best diesel fuel free of charge:

    Request Our Special Recipe for 100% the Best Diesel Fuel

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    See for Yourself.



    You will not be disappointed.

    Requires Your Serious Attention.
    It's just the right product to assure 100% Pure Home-Brewed Diesel Fuel.

    Try Some Today!

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    Put "MAXIMUM COMPRESSION"™ to the test.
    You'll be glad you did.


    ..... and then

    Write your own testimonial!

    Be sure to share it with us.

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