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Here's How To Avoid Those
High Pump Prices

If you brew your own diesel fuel from reclaimed motor oil, WVO (Waste Vegetable Oil), SVO (straight vegetable oil) you know a few important facts already: [Note: animal fats that typically are firm at room temperature are excluded from this discussion.]

  • It is relatively easy to follow the steps in the recipe;
  • Cost of the basic equipment is paid for from Savings;
  • Cost of ingredients (WVO / RO / SVO) can be as little as the cost of picking it up. It may be slightly more for SVO, however typically SVO is a by-product that is a Bonus from making feed.

A Litre of your home-brewed Diesel Fuel usually costs 66% less than 1 Litre of Pump fuel, 7 months of the year (Summer) and ~30% less in Winter. [Translation: Extra Dollars For You.]

Challenges of Home-Brewed Diesel Fuel

Given that your 100% Home-brewed Diesel Fuel is manufactured to ASTM Standards, you must be aware of such things as:

  • The Energy Level of your Fuel is much lower than Pump Fuel; (Get-up and Go Factor can be quite sluggish)
  • Cold enough temperatures will cause your fuel to gel. (Big Trouble - Big Expense)

solves these issues and more.

Shave ~ 57% off the Cost of Pump Price

  • 66% Cost Saving 7-months of the year;
  • 30% cost saving in Winter (remaining 5-months.)

For example:

By adding "MAXIMUM COMPRESSION"to your Home-Brewed Diesel (8 oz:2.5 gallons) you will:

  • have a diesel fuel as energetic or more than Pump Fuel at substantially less cost:
  • have instant start-up down to minus-40° F/C
  • improved acceleration
  • visible reduction in tail-pipe emissions
  • reduced engine operating temperatures
  • 24% additional Fuel Lubricity
  • a moisture-binding evaporator
  • a 6 to 8% increase in fuel efficiency
  • Eliminates missteps associated with engine oil delusion
  • No additional conditioners required throughout the 12-months of the year!!

Absolutely None !!

Here's what you can expect when you use

"Every Liter or Quart of diesel fuel that our Customers produce will be the best home-brewed diesel fuel that's available if they use good base ingredients and follow-through cleanly on their manufacturing procedures, which is readily available."

John Shane - President of Shellbourne Fuels International.

Many Home-Brewers get through the colder weather by cutting their fuel with Pump diesel. This additional cost and labor is eliminated by pouring in some "MAXIMUM COMPRESSION"™.

Shellbourne Fuels, an EPA, ISO and Award-Winning chemical manufacturer has designed "Maximum Compression"™ so Home Brewers can now create High-Performance Diesel Fuel that is 100% User Friendly.

Shellbourne's EPA-Registered, ISO Certified Diesel Fuel Enhancer provides:

  • Instant Power on Start-up;
  • Ideal Fuel Viscosity in Winter and in Summer;
  • 60-75% Reduction in Smoke and Tailpipe Emissions;
  • Additionally, "MAXIMUM COMPRESSION"™ Contains: Anti-bacteria, Anti-gels, Anti-oxidants. Moisture-binding evaporator.

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