Shellbourne Fuel Products

and why these are Different from all other shelf-products you find at the store.

Shellbourne Fuel Enhancers differ as they ..Deliver Cost Savings to you that are Immediate and Substantial by...

working at the molecular level to:

  • Improve the quality of both good and mediocre fuels;
  • Create more fuel energy in every explosion;
  • Dramatically modify low speed torque to benefit economical operation; Additionally, they are.....
  • Seasonally tuned &
  • Formulated to reduce tail pipe emissions by approximately 60- 75%:

  • Here is how you maximize the benefits: Click Here

    Whew! Now it is time to start using the Gasoline or* the Diesel Fuel Enhancer....

    Prior to filling the fuel tank, pour in Shellbourne Gasoline or Diesel Fuel Enhancer according to directions on the label. Typically, in Summer, the ratio is 1 Oz to 15 gallons of fuel.

    *About the word "OR": Diesel engines work differently than gasoline engines. They use different fuels. Likewise, Shellbourne Fuels has an Diesel Fuel Enhancer for diesel engines and a Gasoline Fuel Enhancer. Be certain to use them appropriately.

    Interestingly, the ratio remains identical for both. A 32 OZ (1 Liter) bottle treats 480 Imperial Gallons or ~2100 Liters of Fuel.

    For more than cars & trucks

    These steps apply for all internal combustion engines regardless of whether they are on-road, off-road, trucks, cars, motorbikes or generators or whipper-snippers......

    Take time to get to know all Shellbourne Fuels' Products. They all work together to produce better over-all fuel efficiencies:

    Gasoline Applications: Click Here (imagine the savings at current fuel prices!)

    Diesel Applications: Diesel Bulletin # 1 (Cdn & US Volumes)

    Diesel Bulletin # 2

  • Shellbourne Industrial H.D. Lube #1for diesel engines.
  • Excellent bearing corrosion protection
  • Excellent anti-wear, anti-foam and anti-rust properties
  • Excellent cold cranking capabilities
  • Replace Lubricity thathas been lost by removal of Sulfur.

  • 17% Synthetic Multi-Grade Motor Oils that add 24% Lubricity.

    Oil Program

    Available in:

    • four multigrade
    • six single-viscosity grade formulations
  • Click here re: full details for SM Series Motor Oils

    Click here: Technical Bulletin 2 Cycle Oil

  • Marine Fuels Enhancers

    Click Here: Beneficial Effects - Marine Fuels Enhancers

    Racing Fuel

    Available from 96 to 177 Motor Octane. Made Fresh...Typically 48-hours prior to delivery.

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