Catalyst/Enhancer Advantages

for DIESEL & GASOLINE Equipment

first a brief 'heads up'........
.....Perhaps you never realized

Shellbourne Fuels' container sizes are Imperial aka "British" Measure.

This is Important for You because....well... look at it this way:

In the US: 1 Quart = 28 Fluid Ounces

In Canada: 1 Quart = 32 Fluid Ounces

A 20% INCREASE in volume.

So what's the Dosage?

If you purchase Shellbourne Fuels' products Stateside as well as Canada, you'll notice Shellbourne Fuels' bottles are larger than most of those 'on the shelf' at your local Corner Gas. Good News: They contain 20% more product.

All Shellbourne Fuels' enhancers/catalysts are liquid. There is an enhancer made specifically for gasoline and another made specifically for diesel. (Shellbourne's Fuel Enhancers contain Catalysts (Terms we use interchangeably here) as their net result is to cause fuel to combust more fully than it would unassisted.)

Regardless, the Dosage is the same:

1 Oz Treats 15 Gallons (Summer) (3 Oz in Winter)


31.25mL treats 66 Liters. (93.75mL in Winter)

OK ....on to what you need to know:

SHELLBOURNE FUEL ENHANCER advantages, for diesel and for gasoline applications, provide properties that substantially improve the performance quality of good or mediocre fuels.

Adding Shellbourne's Enhancer to fuels, provides major savings in fuel consumption and equipment maintenance.

The diesel Enhancer improves combustion so that toxic emissions released into the air are reduced 60-75%. This means that combustion improves and more force of power is driven to make your vehicle perform as it was designed to.

What about the new Bio-Fuels? Are there Negative Effects to be aware of?

  • Loss of lubricity is the most serious consequence of the new Bio-Fuels. For many years Sulfur was the key in pump fuel necessary to protect engine parts from premature wear due to friction and high heat levels.

  • Sulfur is gradually being eliminated from fuel. This means you can expect engine problems arise from reduced engine torque and lower fuel lubricity.....unless....

  • Good News: SHELLBOURNE FUEL Enhancers, increase pump fuel lubricity 24% ! and provide increases in fuel efficiency and power while decreasing emissions into the environment.
  • How do you BENEFIT by making Shellbourne Fuels part of your Fuels Program?:
    • Keeps fuel and delivery system in peak condition and injectors and filters clean.
    • Can be used in all diesel and gasoline engines.
    • No mechanical adjustments needed.
    • Improves engine combustion and performance.
    • Greatly reduces fuel consumption.
    • Dramatically reduces smoke and polluting exhaust.
    • Adds more power to the engine.
    • Eliminates carbon deposits.
    • Reduces or eliminates diesel "black smoke".
    • Reduces unscheduled maintenance downtime costs.
    • Purges sludge and water buildup.
    • Reduces noises and increases engine torque.

      Continued Usage of SHELLBOURNE CATALYSTS/Enhancers...........

    At Every Fill-up, Dose with Shellbourne Fuel Enhancers to:

    • Help keep internal engine parts clean and
    • Improve equipment life
    • Ensures a 60 - 75 % reduction in black smoke and tail pipe emissions, after treating two tanks of approximately 66 liters (15 gallons) (diesel & gasoline), sequentially, with SHELLBOURNE FUEL Enhancer
    • Increase in fuel efficiency and reduced fuel costs.

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    SHELLBOURNE Diesel Fuel Enhancers were developed in 2007 for use in all diesel internal combustion engines, regardless of horsepower requirements: diesel cars, construction vehicles, tractors, marine vessels, locomotive and stationary land-based diesel engines, generators/compactors/pumps and other diesel equipment.
    Fuel efficiency increases 6-8%.

    SHELLBOURNE Gasoline Fuel Enhancers were developed to address similar issues. Fuel efficiency increases 12-15%.

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