Fuel Enhancers that Yield Significant,
Proven Operating Efficiencies

Gasoline:  12 - 15% increase

Diesel:        6 - 8%  increase

Treatment Ratio for both:  

Summer: 1 Oz Treats 5 Imp. Gallons or 31.25 mL Treats 66 L

Winter:   3 Oz Treats 5 Imp.  Gallons or 93.75 mL  Treats 66 L


One 32 Fl Oz (1 L Bottle) treats 2112 Liters in Summer

If gas price is $1.30/L, 2112 Liters cost you: $2745.60.

Using conservative figures:

Diesel:     ( 6% saving =  $164.74)

Gasoline: (12% saving = $329.48)

Winter Treatment Offers Different Significant Savings:

Fuel savings percent is less in Winter. Realize that using Shellbourne's Fuel Enhancers, there is no need to buy additional 'off-the-shelf' additives. Freezing point / gel point is lowered to Minus-40 °C/°F, and 17% added Lubricity reduces wear and tear on the engine. Most Important! Minimize unscheduled breakdowns caused by questionable fuel purchased when away from home-base. 

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