Shellbourne Fuels
Gasoline Catalyst


Shellbourne Fuels is a fuel catalyst manufacturer of high integrity that lead it to #1 spot for Fuel Catalysts worldwide.

Since there are different types of gasoline internal combustion engines, so to are there several types of Shellbourne Gasoline Catalyst depending on the application:

  • Automotive (truck/car)

  • Hybrid

  • Motorcycle

  • Marine

  • Stationery engine (generator, weed-eater etc...)

  • Snow Machine

    It is important to order the correct type for Your application. Let's look at them individually:

    Automotive (Cars and Trucks) except Hybrid

    Gasoline Catalyst for cars and trucks is the most sought after catalyst..........because there are more cars & trucks in use every day.

    Shellbourne Fuels' proprietary ingredients will always provide....

  • 12 to 15% increases in MPG (km/lt) using only 87% octane fuels;

  • 17% increase in fuel lubricity to minimize wear:

  • the maximum amount of B.T.U.'s essential for complete combustion;

  • Anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and evaporators are always blended into all Shellbourne catalysts;

  • A 60 to 70% decrease in tail pipe emissions that exceed all government mandates;

  • A package that outstrips Shellbourne's 'competition' in value, saving, superior construction, innovation and authenticity;

  • A fuel that will not set-up or gel resulting in added expenses and down time.


    Hybrid vehicles are special which means they do not always perform as we would like.

    Example 1:

    A friend provides Taxi service with his Toyota Hybrid Camry.

    Alone in the car, it performs very well. He gets good mileage and good performance as would be expected.

    But: add a couple of passengers and a bit of luggage in the trunk, it becomes a very different drive. Acceleration is definitely not as good. The amount of power is substantially reduced.

    Enter Shellbourne Fuels Gasoline Catalyst for Hybrid.

    Power is increased so the vehicle gets off the mark with more intensity.

    Example 2:

    In another test, it was reported that MPG on a Prius went from ~44 MPG to ~52 MPG using Shellbourne Fuels Gasoline Catalysts.

    Shellbourne Fuels Gasoline Catalyst


    Motor cycles require great 'seat of the pants' thrust.

    Shellbourne Fuels Delivers!

    The bike's engine sits on top of the engine. Temperature variances cause condensation (water) in the tank. Not good! Sputtering bikes are frustrating.

    Shellbourne Fuels' Gasoline (and Diesel) Catalysts contain an evaporator that uses hydrogen in the combustion process.

    No more sputtering - Great Performance.

    Just ask any Bike enthusiast who has tried it.

    Motorcycle Enhancements John Cosentini says: "85% of our sales are repeat clients who will not ride without Shellbourne line of fuel catalysts."

    Ice Racing:

    A new customer tried the catalyst and was amazed at the power...particularly as he could drop to 87 Octane. On the straightaways he stayed with a pro-racer.


    Marine engines find themselves in a very moisture-laden environment. Shellbourne Fuels' Marine Catalysts are tailored to solve this issue. And - cut exhaust emissions +60%.

    Shellbourne Fuels' 2-Cycle Oil

    In August 2007, Bernie Major from the West Toronto Bass Master's Club, purchased 10 gallons of Shellbourne Fuels' 2-Cycle Oil....for his Bass boat.

    Boat: 1998/18.6-foot Astro P.C.X.

    Engine: 1999 - 175 H.P. Mercury E.F.I. Two-Stroke

    Bernie's Testimonial - Shellbourne Fuels 2-Cycle Oil

  • No more smoke on start-up

  • More top end - previously 61 M.P.H. ------now 65 M,P,H.

  • Hole shot greatly improved

  • Immediate warm-up

  • No tune-up required after inspection for 2007 winterization.

    Bernie Major: "Shellbourne's 2-Cycle Oil has been treated with a catalyst to improve engine performance. I have never had such positive results from a Marine 2-Cycle Oil."

    The Shellbourne Fuels' Gasoline Catalyst is available here in handy single serving 5-Oz bottles:

    One 5-OZ bottle treats 12 Gallons

    They are sold in boxes containing 12 Bottles, as follows:

  • Eleven 5 Oz bottles of Gasoline Catalyst and

  • One 5 Oz bottle of Fuel Line Cleaner.

    The Fuel Line Cleaner is used along with the first bottle of catalyst.

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