Shellbourne Fuels Mode of Action


SHELLBOURNE FUEL Enhancers are liquid proprietary chemical combustion compounds which are dissolved in petroleum distillate/alcohol carriers.

How do SHELLBOURNE FUEL Enhancers work?

First, let us talk about "Combustion":

The combustion of hydrocarbons involves a spontaneous chemical reaction of gaseous molecules of fuel and oxygen.

In the gaseous state, the reaction can proceed as a wave propagation from a localized source of ignition, or, as a simultaneous reaction through the gases.

Importance of Heat and Pressure

Heat and pressure cause the molecules of the gas mixture to be in rapid motion. A chemical reaction takes place when molecules collide.


Initially, pre-flame reaction occurs, which produces chemical radicals necessary for ignition.

Ignition is initiated from an external source, e.g. flame, heat of compressions or electrical spark which then leads to a self-sustaining chemical reaction between hydrocarbons and oxygen.

If the combustion of a pure hydrocarbon were complete, then the reaction products would be carbon dioxide and water. However, this ideal condition is extremely difficult to attain, and without exception, in the industry, it is never attained.

Incomplete combustion is identified by the many chemical compounds present in the exhaust gas, i.e.-

  • Carbon Monoxide (CO)
  • Carbon (C)
  • Unburned Hydrocarbon
  • Partially oxidized Hydrocarbons (aldehydes, ketones, acids, alcohols)

A lesser quantity of these chemical constituents, especially carbon monoxide (CO), indicates increased combustion efficiency.

Now comes the.........


Scientifically, the reactivity of SHELLBOURNE FUEL hydrocarbon fuels, mixed with bio-fuels, involves thermal decomposition of the active compound (at the moment of ignition).

The Enhancer's active ingredients create catalytic sites for the oxidation of fuel molecules. This enhances the oxidation process (combustion), which in turn reduces ignition requirements.

The enhancer molecules decompose to provide kinetic energy in excess of the activation energy of the local fuel molecules.

(Important) The result is a more uniform oxidation throughout the reaction. The additional kinetic energy provides a higher average residence time for the oxidation of fuel product.

Translation: Shellbourne Fuels' enhancers cause the fuel to combust/ignite at a lower Flash-point thus causing the engine to have an easier start-up and run more efficiently. Fuel-efficiency doesn't end there, of course, as noted elsewhere on the Site, Shellbourne Fuels' products also address serious issues such as missing lubricity, and fuel contamination.

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