Shellbourne Fuels' Products
(and why they stand-alone in the market-place.)

Shellbourne Fuels' Product Lines

Shellbourne Fuel Enhancers Deliver Cost Savings that are Immediate and Substantial.

Results are Measurable.

Packaging Fit for Recycling

Shellbourne Fuels' product lines' active components require that they be packaged in fluoridated H.D.P.E. (high density polyethylene) bottles to ensure maximum product performance and longevity.

Truth be known: Shellbourne's products would destroy most containers used in the industry today which only speaks to the fact that they have powerful ingredients that will serve you well. Despite this, fuel system components are immune from harm. Products are E.P.A. Registered since 2007.

The H.D.P.E. bottles are also fluoridated to a category 4 level to seal the bottles permanently. This necessary heat treatment stops dangerous product evaporation and renders the vessel to a stable state where storage is safe.

The contained liquid enhancers are maintained as "ready and active" but "locked" safely until required.

This is a necessary process and while expensive, distinguishes Shellbourne enhancers from all other automotive additive products.

For Example:

Next time you are in front of a wall of shelves holding containers of well-known and lesser-known fuel system cleaners, motor oils, fuel treatments, engine oil additives, and so on:

  • If the bottles have been there for a very long time, the walls sometimes collapse and bottles become disfigured. (This is also an indication of product popularity. If it does not perform, it will sit for a long time.) We came across this in the Service Dept. of a large heavy equipment dealer.

  • Have you ever picked-up a bottle only to have contents wash down the side and oil-up your hands? (Watch for smeared ink on the labels with tracks of black above.) We've seen this in various truck stop shops.

Package Sizes

When you have a Jug or a Quart of Shellbourne Fuels' product on your shelf, chances are very good that they will be physically larger than other automotive products.

Most automotive products are bottled in U.S.A. where volumes are 20% less than in Canada. Everything Shellbourne Fuels produces is based on the Imperial (British) Measure.

Most hand-held dispensing containers have both Metric and Imperial scales to facilitate proper dosing. The clear strip in the picture below is actually a window so you can see the contents.

One final point within Shellbourne Fuels' Product Line is the Company welcomes the opportunity to help solve any particular fuel related challenge you may have.

Perhaps you need help to improve your Racing Results or your motorbike - or truck - or tractor - or other machine is under-performing.

Contact us - we will help resolve the issue(s). (It isn't just an accident that Shellbourne Fuels has become the leading name in performance fuels and enhancers.)

Find out for yourself.

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