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As time goes on, the depth of Shellbourne Fuels and its amazing product's integrity becomes more and more apparent. 

Don't be shy about dropping us a quick note. We appreciate it as the truth needs to be voiced above the din reputable competitors who have failed to change with the times or of not so savoury players who have foisted lotions, potions, on the unsuspecting automotive buyers...You.

NDRA adopts Shellbourne Fuels

For a great overview on why Racers are attracted to Shellbourne Fuels, here is an enlightening overview Click Here

A PMRA Team commented in their Blog:

 "We started off well with our Shellbourne fueled car running a 6.72 @ 206MPH, our new fastest pass to date. [Our] team made a decision to switch to a new brand of fuel and oil this year. We expect this fuel to make the car run even more consistent as it runs cooler and cleaner."


Editors Comment:  "Congratulations!  

This by far is not an isolated experience."

Glenn Steeves wrote in about his experiences over the years -  

  • first with his sputtering 2005 Road Star SE1700
  • next with his 2010 Harley Ultra Classic
  • and now with his 2012 Harley Ultra Limited

He explains why he only uses Shellbourne Fuels - even in his new bike.

Read about his results on his 16000 km road trip as compared with his friends on their Goldwings.

He also shares his results these last 2 years using Shellbourne Fuels in his four-wheeler. 

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Here is a Marine Testimonial - especially interesting for competitive Fishers.  Read Bernie's account here:

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Shellbourne Fuels has the only E.P.A. Registered Fuel Enhancers and 17% Synthetic Motor Oils (Since 2007)

Do you drive a big Rig? Read what Sonny Harris has experienced with his Peterbilt.

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We all are aware that major changes have occurred since some of the above testimonials were written. Fuel has changed with the addition of:

  • Ethanol to Gasoline
  • non-petroleum additives in Diesel Fuel as in: vegetable, grain, animal renderings etc....

So too have engines recently undergone changes. There was no option as these government-mandated 'additives' created big problems to the existing technology for the vehicle owners.

For example: Diesel Exhaust Fluid (D.E.F.) is now mandatory for diesel-powered vehicles. D.E.F. is sprayed on the exhaust fumes leaving the smoke stack. Click here to learn how Shellbourne Fuels Enhancers work to cut your operating costs.

We are here to respond to questions or to direct you to local Dealers where products can be purchased. Click Here


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