Shellbourne Snowmobile Fuel Enhancer

Today's snow machines run best on premium fuel. 

This can present challenges for Trail Riders:

  • 87 Octane can be the only available fuel in snow country.
  • Stale Fuel. (Fuel left-over from the previous season still in the tanks out on the trail.)
  • Limited (or non-existent) cargo space on newer snowmachines for fuel enhancers.

Your Challenges Are Solved

Shellbourne Fuels offers a Snowmobile Fuel Enhancer you need to be aware of and use.

The Shellbourne Snowmobile Fuel Enhancer will enhance 87 Octane fuel up to at least 91 Octane.

A 1 Liter (32 Fluid Ounce) bottle treats 80 Liters of fuel.

This means that a single 1 Liter bottle will treat 2 tanks for most newer snowmachines.

3 Step Solution:

Step 1:  Purchase 87 Octane fuel.

Step 2: Add Shellbourne Snowmobile Fuel Enhancer as directed. (see chart)

Step 3: Look forward to improved fuel performance and efficiency.

You asked how does Shellbourne Fuels' compare ?

Apart from the great value, Shellbourne Fuels' uses only E.P.A. listed ingredients. It will also perform very well at high R.P.M.s under severe load.

In a word: Flawlessly.

Have you seen the oxygenated version?:

Shellbourne MAX  (click here)

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Louis Skebo of POWER MODZ's enthusiasm for Shellbourne Fuels Enhancers - a necessary complement to today's pump fuels.