Snowmobile XTREME Power Max

Two Quick Questions:

  • Can you carry 8 (20 L / 5 Gallon) once?
  • Can you make 112 Octane race fuel from 91 Octane gasoline?

Good News: Now you can!


Xtreme Power Max

Given the great success of Shellbourne Fuels' Xtreme Power Fuel Enhancer for snowsleds, here comes the oxygenated version of it.


This product is exclusively for Serious Tuners.

It is NOT a 'pour into the fuel tank and go' product.

Oxygenated products require re-tuning.

About Xtreme Power Max

This product is designed to be used with 91 Octane base fuel. It is the Oxygenated version of Shellbourne's very successful standard Xtreme Power Fuel Enhancer.

When mixed with 91 Octane base fuel, at a 20/1 ratio, you can look forward to receiving a full 112 MON with 6.2% oxygenation. (See chart below)

Once tuned, you are ready to hit the trails.

Here you have the closest equivalent to oxygenated race fuel you can get without actually buying oxygenated race fuel. As 1 Litre treats 80 L of fuel, carrying a 1 L (32 fl oz) bottle in each hand is much easier than carrying all those pails of race fuel.

After mixing, the fuel must be treated carefully as with any race fuel: ie: keep the container sealed to preserve freshness. 

be sure to scroll down - there is more below the chart....

The price is the same as the standard product at $24 per bottle. They are shipped in 2 packs or 4 packs (12 x 1 L bottles each). You can also mix and match the packs as well.

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